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Merentha Character Pictures

Character life pictures may be emailed to along with the character names the picture is to go under. Character sketches should be custom made, but we will accept previously published images as long as they don't infringe on any copyrights.

Submitted images will also appear under the who page when you are online.

All images submitted become property of Merentha Entertainment and we reserve the right to modify them as needed or use them as we wish within the Merentha web site. Images may be removed at our own discretion, time permitting.

Aabon Aard Aarent Adrianne Aedo
Airie Air-Dragon Ajerick Aldus Alkie
Alhana Aliyra Amathea Anameke Anastacia
Anchor Anja Athalia Athena Azath
Aztec Becca Beck Belial BelGaron
Belya Bevis Blind Fury BloodBath Bloodmoon
Booker T Brooklyn Byzantium CAB Caliya
Cayla Ceres Silver Cerius Charneus Cirsta
Clearbrook Cloud Cloud Strife Colbath Cory
Creepin Death Cye'Ren Cynori Daer Da MonK
Da Goat Daelus Dayosh Decay Desirei
Desespoir Desharthus Dirty Dizki Dranak
Dravin Drayven Duriel Duskstalker Eden
Edgar Allen Poe Eldric Elemental Endbringer Jr Ere
Eternal Evandar Exar Kun Exodus Faile
Fallenangel Fat Dancer Fei Fiend Flowi
Flyby Fox Fujisawa Francois Fright
Fyre-Heart Gathil Gerd Gempalm Gemstone
Genevra Gentatsu Giarc Glix Goethe
Gohanssb Greyheart Guts Gum Hidehiko
Horror Iakhovas Ibu'ki Incarnate Illusive
Ishtar Isolde Isshi Jade Elizabeth Jaser
Jaina Jelod Jewel Jexker Kaetarin
Kal'dir Katanya Kevmor Ki KilRoy
Kiro Kiros Krem Krook Kylor
Kylid Kyvanex Ladin Latin Larrytha
Laele Leffe Leimrey Li'lu Link
Lisaria Llain Loa Loco Loki
Lone Lytha Madcap Maikanna Malfalas
Marmorine Marrow Matreshka Maverick Mccavity
Metos Mib Mierin Moonbeam Moondance
Morgue Morth Mr Fluffy Munster Naidia
Nal Nal'Sh'Dat Naphtali NaNishka Nightwish
Nisse Noa Nol NoFx Nyami
Ohguro Onika Oracle Orielle Oreilly
Pantera Peak Petrarch Phantom Phase
PhiloYeshu Phire Piehl Pimp Pip-Pip
Pirotess PhiloYeshu Ploo Poobah PostaL
Protheus Prospero Psyko Psykosys Psychosmurf
Queen Mab Racs Rachiru Rama-Pin Raeyvn
Rahzel Rayce Reeca Redhamster Redrum
Richard Nixon Riderk Rika Rille Rin
Ripskin Rislyn Ryark Ryzoth Saadiya
Sabearo Satin Sahara Sambo Sarayu Sarrow
Scapegoat Scythes Sephiroth Shoroth Simoriah
SirenSong Sir Matt Sleet Slurm Somo
Soul Bane Sprave Spyros Starsong Stascia
Stormcloud Subtle Sula Moon Sunset Suzuka
Swift Syrean Talena Talla T'Pau
Taretch Teeto Tennessee Teravak Terminal
Terron Thais Banu T'ira Misu Tinkey Tivoli
Trist Trust Tsukasa-kun Tuahan Tynian
Tyron Utsusemei Valko Vawn Vigilant
Wee Jas Wj Wolfang Xapax Xavian
XCan Yashaness Yorick Yunalesca Zable

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You may submit pictures by emailing them in GIF JPG or BMP format,
or mailing the url (if they are already online) to
You may add your own website online with the chfn command.

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