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The Queendom of the Drows

Long ago there lived a kingdom on a mountain top, and the people of the valley below. In a vicious war which lasted years, the kingdom was destroyed and all men, women and children were killed, save one.

The war was started over rumours of treasures which the kingdom offered to share. The valley refused and went to war to keep the unknown treasure for themselves. In the end they found their treasure, the treasure was good will, well being, and peace for all mankind.

It was only after the war was over that the realization of what this great treasure really was came to light. The valley people took the lone survivor and raised him as their own.

The boy did learn of the war though and fled the village into the mountains when he did. While wandering in the lost caves he came upon an ancient fountain, and when he bathed himself became possessed with the last magical energies of a long lost queendom. The Queendom of the Drow.

In a bloodfilled rage he returned to the valley and while the villages slept he killed them all, then vanished back into the caves, into the lost kingdom.

And so the Drow were reborn.

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