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Merentha Real Life Player Pictures

Real life pictures may be emailed to along with the character names the picture is to go under. If you are sending a real life picture it must be of yourself.

Submitted images will also appear under the who page when you are online.

All images submitted become property of Merentha Entertainment and we reserve the right to modify them as needed or use them as we wish within the Merentha web site. Images may be removed at our own discretion, time permitting.

Aarent Adrianne Airie Alanis Alexandra
Alkie Aliera Aliyra Alonzo Anchor
Andine Andoria Anja Argos Ashen-Shugar
Astililath Aurelie Avildar Bahhamut Basd
Belial Benji Bevis Bitis BlackJack
Blarg Blind Fury Blurr BlurredVision Bogus
Boo Gers Boffa Brooklyn Brutus Budda
Captain Rob Caspurrnia Celest Ceres Silver Charneus
Charsa Chronoch Clearbrook Cory Cortes
Crintel Crutch Cyris Daer Da MonK
DaKine Darkanan Dayosh Dearth Deimos
Destroyerr Desuka Don Donkey Doughboy
Dracus Dronus Duriel Elian Eli'Andre
Eol Ere Estelle Etheos Evandar
FaithAngel Fast Faust Feyr Fiend
Flamebird Flower Flowi Ggood Giam
Giarc Glacial Goethe Goldern Gothic
Grian Groth Growler Grunge Guilo
Hanibal Heather Iced Ifix Iphis
Isabisankor Jade Elizabeth JasonCreed Jemina Jewel
Jexker Jimi Hendrix Joan Joga Kaedu
Kai Kaier Kaster Katanya Kevmor
KilRoy Kilex KingCold Krook Laldra
Landrin Latin Larrytha Leo Katen Lestat
Liberas Link Loquor Lorana Lotus
Lyssandra Mae Maikanna Malquinn Maniac
Marco Masamune Matsura Matreshka Messiah
Minx Mog Moose Mu Mundos
Naidia Necropolis Nesus Nighthawk Nisse
Nivea Nyami Oblivion Paisley Pandora
Pantera PenWhale Petrarch Phantom Phire
Pirotess Plogy PrismFury Racs Raeith
Rama-Pin Raeyvn Rahzel Ravenskye Ravenloue
Reign Redhamster Redrum Rehvin Rika
Ripskin Rislyn Rothe Russet Ryark
Saadiya Sabearo Satin Salamander Sambo Scapegoat
Scrap Scythes Sebastian Sebastian Dray Sha'hana
Sha'Uri Shazia Shiva Shoroth Simoriah
Sir Matt Skrynn Slack SlaGash Slider
Slith Smudge Sober Solitaire Solomen
Solomon Somo Spacemud Stasia Stix
Stivic Stosson Streakk Strife Swendle
Syelsika Talena Tarjei Teeny Teeto
Tennessee The Traveller Tyron Tyfoon Unbesorgt
Valraven Vayne Vaerys Viresse Whit
Wiselion Xapax Xazki XCan Xopec
XpiDer Zeratull Zero X Zohar

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You may submit pictures by emailing them in GIF JPG or BMP format,
or mailing the url (if they are already online) to
You may add your own website online with the chfn command.

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