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The Chronicles of Kevmor the Troll
by: Kevmor

Kevmor, the Making of the Troll Paladin
Kevmor Gets a Job
Kevmor Discovers Elven Women
Kevmor Rises Through the Ranks
Kevmor Finds a Guild
Kevmor Becomes Even More Important
Kevmor Finds Happiness
Kevmor, the Making of the Troll Paladin

Kevmor started his life just as any other normal troll did. He grew up in the city of Trogrelin, playing with the other trolls, goblins, and ogres cubs that lived there. Everything changed the day of his 18th birthday. That was the day the Kevmor entered the real world of Merentha, not just the sheltered area he had spent all his youth. As per the custom of the great troll families of Trogrelin, Kevmor was dumped in Krasna Square in Cabeiri the day he turned 18.

Still in the innocence of his youth, Kevmor sat dumbfounded at his new situation. Not being one to be easily discouraged by simple inconveniences (one might say he was stupid, but that would be rude), Kevmor proceeded to wander about the small town of Cabeiri. After a short walk to the south, Kevmor’s interest was peaked by a passing butterfly. Not one to let something like a butterfly get away, Kevmor ran after the multi-colored bug. The chase was fast and furious. Kevmor flew down the streets of Cabeiri after the butterfly, following the insect into a rather noisy building. The butterfly fluttered up the stairs and through a doorway in a long hallway, and Kevmor was behind the bug every inch of the way. When the butterfly landed on a table, Kevmor took a flying leap and landed on top of the bug, successfully catching it with his body (it was a success by troll standards).

Grinning like an idiot, Kevmor looked down on his successful catch and giggled with glee. This, however, stopped as soon as he finally heard the conversation going on in the background.




This made a single thought go though the young troll’s head. "I wonder who their talking about, that guy sounds screwed."

Kevmor got up off the table and looked down, seeing what would have been recognizable as the Sacred Parchment of the Order of the Silver Wing five minutes ago, ripped and torn from having a troll land a flying leap on it, along with having half of the remaining parchment covered in bug guts. Upon seeing this, a second thought managed to filter its way through the young troll’s head. "Wow, I smeared that bug good."

Turning around, Kevmor noticed a rather large contingent of people wearing shining plate mail advancing towards him with a rather large assortment of weapons, all pointed at him. This is when the third, and what probably would have been the final thought, formed in Kevmor’s head, as everything suddenly made sense. "I’m going to die now. Oh please God save me."

And thus did the Gods hear Kevmor’s plea and save him, in there own perverse way.

A voice then rose above the mob’s rantings and ravings and stopped Kevmor from losing his life.

"Now now, I’m sure it was an accident. I’m sure he’s very sorry he destroyed a very old and priceless document that detailed our religious beliefs, was the only history of how the order started, and held many of the ancient secrets of the Gods. I think he’s got the right stuff to join our order. Lets induct him!"

Kevmor used the confused and dumbfounded looks on everyone’s face as his cue to run away as fast as he could. And that is exactly what he did, up until the point he tried to get out the door anyway. An iron hard grip latched onto his neck, jerking him back inside the room and throwing him to the center of the floor.

The old (and probably crazy) man knelt down where he stood and prayed for a few seconds, then rose up from the floor and walked over to the prone troll, standing above him.

"Kevmor D. Troll, I do hereby induct you into the Order of the Silver Wing. You may now rise young paladin, and go forth into the world, spreading the faith and helping all you come across!"

The angry mob’s jaws seemed to drop as one at this moment, and half of them fell over from shock. Enough time passed for them to all sufficiently recover enough to stumble and stagger out into the hallway, our newly ordained paladin was still lying in the middle of the floor wondering what the hell just happened.

And thus did Kevmor become a paladin.

Kevmor, the Making of the Troll Paladin
Kevmor Gets a Job
Kevmor Discovers Elven Women
Kevmor Rises Through the Ranks
Kevmor Finds a Guild
Kevmor Becomes Even More Important
Kevmor Finds Happiness

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