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The Bible - Book 1
by: Petrarch
Book I
Book II
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Book IV
Book V
Book I - Beginning

In the begining there was Good and there was Evil. And for all of time the two never knew of each other until once when they collided in a universe of chaos. They fought a war in the skies which were created when their essences first struck, the form of their bodies appeared and their truths opposed.

Tallons grew from their bodies and the forces of Evil and Good battled for all that will be. Slashing and clawing at each other in a rage of terror; Good was wounded and bleed the clouds from her wounds. Good struck back in a flurry of anger, she took to the skies with Evil following as wings which were used to fly grew forth of their bodies.

A blaze of fire shot from Good and heads were formed on her and Evil. The flame hit Evil and Evil fell from the sky in the blazing chaos creating the Sun. Emerging in flames of terror Evil returned and grasped Good in her tallons. Good tore at Evil's wing, ripping a piece which fell to create the World, Evil bleed and filled the oceans. Lightning grew out of Evil's claws and tore a hole into Good. Pieces of her spreading into the heavens from the deadly blow created the stars, the larger pieces created the moons.

Both Good and Evil fled the field they fought on, Evil escaping to the mountains and Good to the clouds.

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

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