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From the Journal of Voska
by: Voska

Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM

Today, after exploring the village of Cabeiri, I learned that indeed this was a once proud city that was destroyed by a cataclysm of the gods. I found a piece of charred paper in the ruins of a building long burned down. This is what the paper said:

Fire and lighting shot down from the skies, and the seas boiled and the world shook. Nowhere was it safe to hide, but we ran and took shelter in the caves just west of Praxis. For seven days the gods were angry.

At the end of the seventh day we came out and found our city in shambles. Very few survived and those that did found it hard to find food and clean water. Fortunatly for us, a few of the gods took pity on us and helped us rebuild our town.

From the ruins of Praxis came the new city Cabeiri rebuilt by those both god and mortal.....

The rest of the paper is burned away.

I do not know if the practice of magic is accepted, encouraged, or outlawed. I will try to keep my magical talents under cover until I learn of how society views magic. However, I do see many people proudly exhibiting spells and other magical talents and no one seems to take offense to that. I still retain only the most basic spells I learned in my former life, and nothing that will help my now in this life. I will have to find a sanctuary in which to study and relearn much of the magical arts.


Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM

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