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From the Journal of Voska
by: Voska

Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM

It has been 3 days since I last made an entry into my journal. I wish I could say that I have spent that time wisely, but alas, that is not so. I have been exploring the village of Cabeiri, and in the 3 days since my last entry, I have not yet found a sanctuary for which to reclaim my lost magical knowledge. I have also made yet another discovery of what magical talents that I still have. My missile spell, one of my most powerful spells in my former life, is next to worthless here.

I was exploring the graveyard that lies to the east and slightly north of Cabeiri when I encountered some sort of hellish ghoul. Fearing that he would attack me and rob me of my soul, as ghouls were known to do in my former life, I brought the battle to him. After five minutes of a vicious melee, I searched my mental house of spells only to find that my house of spells was empty except for missile. Remembering the ferocious beasts that I had defeated before with that spell, I cast it at the ghoul. The ghoul just shrugged it off. Realizing the peril of the situation, I fled immediately from the graveyard and back into town.

Pondering the encounter in the graveyard, I set forth to determine the exact power of my missile spell. Surely the ghoul couldn't be that powerful as to deflect my most powerful of spells? I headed to the beach south of town, and then I followed the beach east until I came to a balloon landing. A short ways north of the balloon landing was a large house. I walked up to the house, and in the yard in front of it, I found a small squirrel. Knowing very well that the squirrel could not possible deflect my missile spell, I cast it again at him. The spell did not seem to affect the squirrel one bit!

Finding a sanctuary to relearn all that I forgotten has just become much more critical if I am to survive in this world, a world in which powerful magic has no effect on even the simplest of creatures.


Shadowday, 16 Aenterki 41 NM
Lockday, 17 Aenterki 41 NM
Shadowday, 1 Kepki 41 NM

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