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The Bible - Book 2
by: Petrarch
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Book II - Life

And Evil created the giant named Sin to guard the mountains. Intrusted to the warrior giant was an axe of might and splendors of armour. And creatures were added to the mountain to help aid in protection of Evil and Sin from Good and forests were created to hide the monsters.

Knowing that Good had taken to the air to hide from Evil, she created winged birds which flew in the skies above during the day and rodent bats which slept in caves, patroled at night whilest the birds slept in the forest.

Now Evil had created a place in her creation where she was free from Good and could thrive and flurish and do as she wished. So that Good would have difficulty in finding Evil if ever she should search, Evil took to live in the forest that she created among the creatures.

These actions did not go unnoticed by Good. As Evil continued to populate Land, Good went to the Sea to create a haven from Evil. For Air, which was her first refuse, was soon populated by the creatures of Sin.

And Good, like Evil before her created a sentury to watch over her named Worship. And Worship was of such beauty that Good fell into a fit of jealousy and banished her to patrol the boundry of Land and Sea by herself.

The Sea she populated with all types of animals and monsters. Creatures that would act as a defense against Evil if it should ever decide to enter the waters. From the smallest plants to the largest of whales Good created everything that thrives in the Sea.

And the Sky she filled with birds which circled day and night above the oceans, always keeping an eye out for Evil. And on the Sea she created islands so that the birds may rest from flying, and on the islands she created all life which thrieved upon them.

And so the barriers were made that seperated Land, Sea and Air. And so the alliances were made between Good and Evil. And so it was.

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

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