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The Bible - Book 5
by: Petrarch
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Book V - Merentha

Many of the original books containing the history of the time before the great disaster were destroyed in fires or damaged beyond repair. This leaves very little information for a distant history to be known.

It is however known that after the fire fell from the sky, the people of Praxis seeked to rebuilt their their city. However very few survivors remained. After the fires the city was vulnerable to attacks from evil races and any one who wanted to attack them. Even fewer survived these attacks and the goblin raids which were common.

However they began to build their city again from the rubble that remained, and their actions inspired a few watching gods to grant them protection and help rebuild Praxis. From the rubble, the new town of Cabeiri was built, named after the gods who aided the dying town.

In the years that passed great warriors such as Panthro, a powerful magicain by the name of Cain, and other great adventures such as Seki, Evilyn, Ephiment and Grymreaper grew from this new city and set to explore the world.

Along their adventures they visited other cities and found a simular history. All were badly damaged by what could only be explained as natural events and had been rebuilt. The continent itself that they had lived on suffered damage itself. A great rift was formed down its center, causing what what once a great rainforest to turn into a desert.

After exploring their homeland, they set off across the ocean in balloons made to sail the air. There they found another world, not unlike their own. Instead of living in normal cities though the people have formed kingdoms, alliances, all a mix of different races and classes.

Some of these adventurers chose to join a kingdom, vowing to die defending it against an attack from enemies. There are several known kingdoms in this new world, the Kingdom of Hiemelia was the first to be discovered....

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

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