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The Bible - Book 4
by: Petrarch
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Book IV - Wars

And so begain the wars. Factions of both Good and Evil split from their sides and took to fighting between themselves for now the creators had created Death. And Peace took no part in her name for she faught to kill those that killed her parents.

And she created the gods to do her biddings and placed them with the stars. While Good and Evil foughts wars against each other, and within their own realms, the Gods created all forms of life which did not yet exist.

Dwarfs, Elves, Faeries and dozens of other races were created by the gods, each given gifts that the other did not possess. Some better at magic and others better at combat. The wise were given the ability cast and create great forms of magic. From the ability to cast orbs of light, to being able to harm and heal those around them. And the strong to use weapons of great strenght to smite their enemies in combat.

And they fought on the battle fields against both Good and Evil and against the creations of each. And as they fought they won and slowly begain to populate those areas which were once inhabited by the creations.

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

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