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The Bible - Book 3
by: Petrarch
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Book III - Traitors

Now Worship lived on Land and she occupied all that seperated Land and Sea. And all that which was Good thrived in the Sea, and all that was Evil thrived on Land, and in Air all was balanced between Good and Evil. But Worship was not happy for she was alone. Evil and Sin lived in company with all that Evil created and Good lived with all that thrived in the Sea.

So Worship created Time which passed before her and she realized that she was alone. She took to wander off on Land for she was not able to live in the Sea. She traversed the Land and found nothing until she reached the mountains which were home to Evil and Sin. And she entered the forest.

The birds were the first to see Worship and took the news to Evil. They told of a creature more beautiful then anything Evil had created and knew that it must be a work of Good. Evil sent word for Sin to destroy the creation of Good and then left to meet with Worship herself to discover her purpose in the mountains.

Seeing Worship, Evil fell into a fit of jealously for her beauty was like that of none she had created. Evil took a form simular to that of Worship and appeared to her emerging out of a Tree.

"Do you know who I am?", Evil asked.

"You could only be Evil for only her and Good could emerge from a tree and I am far from her realm."

And with those words, Evil knew that Worship was not sent by Good for she could see it in her Soul which was formed when the creations of Evil and Good first met. So Evil left, knowing that Sin would soon be there to destroy Worship.

But when Sin saw Worship he did not feel that he wanted to. And Worship did not want to fight Sin, so the two of them left the forest created by Evil; for Worship could not remain there and Sin did not want to let her leave alone.

So the two of them escaped to a land where neither Good nor Evil had been, a place covered in coldness where nothing lived. And there they created life, having both roots in creation of Good and Evil. And they named her Peace. And after her birth they created all the forms of life that live in Cold. From small plants that live on frozen ground and the animals that live under it.

And Evil did not like the union, and plotted to destory Worship. And Good did not like the union either and plotted to destroy Sin.

So the first blows were stuck as Worship and Sin fell to the ground. Their bodies then carried up to the sky each by their creators. But Peace would not have that and struck back at the two destoryers by destroying her parents' bodies, and they fell to the ground as Snow.

And so it began.

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V

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